This Week's Events
Sun Sep 20 to Sat Sep 26, 2020

SUMBC Online Bible Study

Tue Sep 22 @ 7:00 PM

Good evening South Union family, FB family and Friends of the Union here is the outline for bible study 8/25/20 7pm looking forward to studying with you. Be blessed and stay!

Lesson 5:
God's Address

(Matthew 6:9b)

The Lord's Prayer is a model or pattern containing the elements that should be in all our prayers. Jesus teaches us to pray Our Father to remind us of our personal, intimate, family relationship with God, but when we add the phrase which art in heaven (the place where God resides), our prayers take on a completely new dimension.

First, God's address reminds us He is ______________________

The word translated heaven means "lofty" or "that which is high up."
(2 Corinthians 12:2)

The Bible refers to three heavens. The first heaven is the atmosphere around _______________________.
(Gen. 11:4).

The second heaven is the planetary heaven, which is the __________________, ________________, and ____________________ (Gen. 15:5).

The third heaven is beyond the first and second and is where _________________ dwells. (1 Peter 3:22); (1 Kings 8:27); (1 Corinthians 3:16)

Our Heavenly Father is everywhere, including in _________. (Psalm 139:8-9).

Second, God's address reminds us He can do ____________________

Because God can be everywhere, His power is ________________.
(Isaiah 40:26b).

Third, God's address reminds us He is ____________________ from us

Calling God "Father" reminds us God is _________________________ and approachable, but the phrase "in heaven" reminds us of __________ He is and ___________ we are.
God is __________________ and ____________, but we're not. (Isaiah 55:9);(Matthew 5:3); (Ephesians 2:13)

In Christ, you and I, who are hopeless sinners, become family members with an awesome, sinless God.

Fourth, God's address reminds us He is worthy of _________________
(Psa. 103:19).

God's throne symbolizes His _______________ authority and power. (Revelation 4:3b-6,11)

(Psalm 150:2)

The phrase Our Father reveals His love and care;
the phrase in heaven reveals His holiness, greatness, and majesty.

The phrase Our Father fills us with confidence and love, while the phrase in heaven fills us with humility and awe.

When you think of God's address, what first comes to your mind, and how can that help you have a "journey into powerful prayer"?