South Union Missionary Baptist Church, has a God given responsibility to inspire, encourage, and present Jesus Christ to others with dignity, and enthusiasm, praising God, expressing our gratitude for His goodness, exalting His name, telling the world of our love for Him.

I believe in God, I believe in young people, and I know that with love, discipline, patience counseling, and a God-centered atmosphere, they can achieve any goal their minds can conceive. We have a responsibility to mold their character, open their minds, inspire their hearts, and steer them on a course toward becoming contributing members of our society. They are our future!

We dedicate this website to the pioneers and former pastors of this great church: Rev. E. W. Williams, 1948-1950, Rev. Percy B. Bryant, 1950-1976 and Rev. Scott C. Watkins, 1977-1997.

We pray that the information on this website will assist you in your endeavor to fulfill the principles of the Church Covenant, and we welcome you to come and worship with us at any time.